A Teacher


A teacher was teaching his students. And while he was teaching, some students took notes.

The students weren’t able to write all the lessons.
But they remembered those lessons well.

After some time, the students graduated & the teacher retired & went to another country.

Amazingly, the students became teachers themselves.
And they still have their notes of some of the lessons they learned.

They taught their new students using their notes & using what they remembered.

The teacher was Jesus.
The first students were the Apostles.
The new students were the Church Fathers.

The notes is the Bible (Written Traditions).
The lessons not written is the Oral Traditions of the Church.

The Church holds within its faith the truth about scriptures. Proper understanding of the Bible requires Oral Tradition & the Church magisterium.

It is not a matter of personal interpretation. In other words, it’s wrong to interpret scripture without the Church using the knowledge passed on from the Apostles. (2 Peter 1:20-21)

God’s Word is both written & oral.


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