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By. Rev. Fr. Martin Kumwenda – Link Magazine

There are some common things those in active addiction do or say or believe. If you are an addict, know that you are not alone. It happens to all of us. What I want to say is that your problem is not so special that you are beyond healing. Its common for an addict to think that he drinks because he or she is in the worst condition of all the people.


It is common to say that one comes from a culture of drinking where pubs, drinking joints are just everywhere. Even when young, elders could give beer. And everybody drinks and so is normal. There is beer in the fridge always bought by uncle, or elder brother. I therefore, drink because of the culture and envi-ronment. To the contrary, Culture and Environment have nothing to do with drinking. Its your power to decide to drink. What is the difference between now when I am sober and then when I was drinking. Now I am able to use my brain, think, reason and decide. Then I depended upon the culture and environment to come up not with a decision but action. The difference is that it is the mind that is within my control to use for my actions and not the culture and environment which I have no control of that used to make me act.


Someone narrated how he and his workmates went drinking after pay day. They had all the money they needed. Drank till late. They were five of them in a SIENTA. Parked the car at the work place which was very close to their houses. None of them remembered who drove them back home. It is common to addicts not to remember what they did the previous day when they were drank. I remember one driver who lost his job. He went with the boss to Mount Soche Hotel. There was a meeting in Chichiri. As a driver, he went to a cheaper lodge for the night. Went out drinking with a colleague, who took him to Lunzu. Beer was sweet and then decided to go to Chingeni. By 4 am they were safe drinking in Ntcheu. He received a call from the Boss at 5 am to take him from Mount Soche Hotel to a place of the meeting in Chichiri. He realized that he was miles away from Blantyre in Ntcheu on a drinking spree. How did he get there. An addict will always say friends took me away. Is it really friends who make you do what you do. Funny isn’t it that you do not know what you are doing. To the contrary the power to decide makes you do what you do. The drug, alcohol, gives you a false data which you use to make decision and wrong ones for that mat-ter.


SELF DEBT: Common after pay days. You have some money in the pocket and you begin budgeting. This 4 thousand I drink it off, this 8 thousand I keep in the left back pocket for tomorrow. Well, after the 4 000 you begin crediting yourself a 2 thousand from the 8 which you are sure you will repay from the collection which one of your friends owes you. Then you realise that from the 8 there was 3 thousand budgeted for airtime. You then decide to drink it off after all, phones are only for those that are far. You have plenty of friends you chat with.

LOTS OF FRUSTRATIONS: You will hear an addict saying that he or she is alone in problems. No one under-stands him or her. His or her situation is really special, and drinking is the only easy option out. What else can I do, dad does not buy me the phone, my uncles have grabbed the property from us, no employment. He or she will narrate one misfortune after another. And the frustration is too much. So understand them why they drink. To the contrary, you are not in the worst condition ever. You have simply allowed that condition to control you. Believe me, approach those things with a sober mind, they are not the worst conditions. Dob not love to situate yourself in the worst condition.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: This is a world wide movement. Simply put one addict helping fellow addict. It supports one to remain sober. It is not easy to keep sober alone. We pray to God or Higher power. Our prayer is “God grant me the serenity to accept things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.” a very powerful prayer to remain sober. We go one day at a time. Convincing myself, that JUST FOR TODAY, I SHALL REMAIN SOBER. With that statement, you will not drink even a single day. Merry Christmas and a happy 2020.


In Mzuzu we have Alcoholics Anonymous meetings once a week on Mondays at 3 pm. Two venues interchangeably. At Venegas Centre in St. John of God campus near St. Johns Hospital. And at the Bishops Dam. People are always welcome. We are intending to open one meeting in Luwinga. We wish to knock a door in the premises of St. Augustine as our 2020 resolution. We are a regis-tered with the worldwide network of AA in New York and we have our own identity number. We are a registered group in the International community. We have our WhatsApp group. Wel-come.

My Name is Martin Daire Kumwenda, Alcoholic. BYE.

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