Mzuzu Diocese model farming training centre


Light into Farming Enterprises (LIFE) working in a spirit of partnership with the Diocese of Mzuzu aims to set up a Model Farming Training Centre so that best practices and knowledge can be transferred to communities for the development of sustainable living. The Model Training Centre aims at enabling sustainable farming and living, free from the risks of famine and aid dependency in the diocese of Mzuzu, Northern Malawi.

LIFE on the other hand aims to create a way for communities to link together for learning, growing and developing into the best that they can be with the circumstances that they have, learning from their mistakes while jointly supporting a way forward.

In Mzuzu Diocese farmers experience a range of challenges in their homes and on their farms. Without the know-how, technology or capital to unleash their livelihood potential, they are reliant on fate with the risk of crop failure and fluctuations in food markets, resulting in hunger, loss of livelihoods and long term damage to their environment that in turn will have negative impacts on local climate change.

The Model Farming Training Centre is a temporary learning centre where best practices are learned and brought back by the recipients to their villages to be implemented. These agricultural methods are based on their practical needs, soil type, whether subsistence or commercial and are covered on short term basis.

The training centre is also focusing on implementing the growing, from seed fruit, cereal crops, trees, both indigenous, fruit and commercial varieties. Plans are there to ensure that the seedlings are propagated in appropriately in the greenhouses, using polythene and locally sourced timber frames.

Currently 60 trainers of Trainers (TOTs) from St Johns, St Cecelia, St Thomas, St Joseph, Holy Family and Holy Trinity under Sustainable Management of Land and Forest Resource Project with financial support from Misean Cara have been trained in Sustainable Management of Land and Forest Resources, Village Savings and Loans(VSLs), Energy Cooking Stoves and Fabrications, Bee keeping.

In order to achieve this milestone the Training Model Centre has partnered with anumber of organisation such as Seed-Co Malawi, Wells of Zoe, Farmer Organisation Limited(FOL) and Education Commission Building Department.

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