Mzuzu Diocese


The diocese of Mzuzu has in the past three years created 7 new parishes bringing the total number of parishes in the diocese to 18. This has been a response to the growing Catholic population, Distances from the parish centre and the last Christian communities, The need for ministers to readily and easily administer sacraments. Although the need for parishes is still there in some places, the new parishes have made a tremendous change in the pastoral life in the diocese.

The seven parishes are:
1. St. Albert the Great Parish.
2. St. Bernadette Parish.
4. St. St. Monica Parish.
5. St. Joseph Mkasa Parish.
6. St. Cecelia Parish.
7. St. Marys Parish.

Since the creation of the parishes, the population of Christians has grown even bigger. The faith has developed. The bond between priests and the lay Christians had strengthened. We praise God.

The challenge is infrastructure. Constructions have started in other parishes, other parishes are still sourcing funds. Of urgent need are:

1. Priests’ houses
2. Office blocks
3. Church buildings.
4. Sustenance support to priests living in these parishes, some of whom live is temporal houses and lack some basic needs.

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