Summary of Bishop’s Land Rights (Misereor-Germany) Project Visit in Rumphi


On 23rd October, 2019 Bishop John Ryan visited Ntchenachena in Rumphi under St. Denis Parish for monitoring of CCJP Land Rights Project funded by MISEREOR – Germany.

Bishop John Ryan Celebrating mass at Ntchenachena

The visit commenced with Holy Mass at Ntchenachena Outstation. In his homily, the Bishop implored on the congregants to embrace equality between men and women in ownership of property; for both men and women are created in the image of God. Further emphasis was made on the plight of widows that they should be protected from property grabbing.

Stakeholders of the project explaining their roles and benefits

After Mass the gathering had a meeting at the residence of Village Headman Chikowoka. At this gathering various stakeholders of the project explained their role and benefits of the project. These stakeholders included the following

  1. Village Headman Mzomera Ngwira who spoke on behalf of fellow chiefs in Traditional Authorities Chisovya, Mwahenga and Mwaleni.
  2. Mathews Msiska who spoke on behalf of the 20 CCJP volunteers in Rumphi
  3. Rebecca Harawa who spoke on behalf fellow land beneficiaries

Bishop John Ryan and stakeholders off to the field

These remarks were followed by a visit to the field. Two sites were visited where the Bishop saw the land that has been given to the women through the project. The bishop appreciated the various initiatives of manure production that is applied to the crop field.

The field visit was followed by closing remarks by the Director of Social Development (DSD), Village Headman Chikowoka, Fr. Albert Chirwa and Bishop John Ryan.

By Rev. Fr. Austin Ndowera

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