Mzuzu Diocese has New Two Priests

The Mzuzu Diocese on Saturday celebrated a momentous occasion as new Auxiliary Bishop, Right Reverend Father Yohane Nyirenda, ordained two new priests.

The ordination ceremony was held at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Mzuzu and was attended by hundreds of faithful Catholics from across the diocese.

The two newly ordained priests, Father Tobias Mkwewu and Father Paul Mthali, were both born and raised in the Mzuzu Diocese. They have both dedicated their lives to serving God and the Catholic Church, and their ordination was a culmination of years of hard work and preparation.

During the ceremony, Auxiliary Bishop Nyirenda reminded the new priests of the importance of their role in the Church and urged them to always put the needs of their parishioners first. He also reminded them that their ordination was not just a personal achievement but a call to serve others and to spread the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The ordination ceremony was a joyful and emotional occasion for all those involved. It was a testament to the strength and growth of the Catholic Church in Malawi and a reminder of the important role that priests play in the spiritual lives of their communities.

As Father Tobias Mkwewu and Father Paul Mthali begin their new roles as priests, they will undoubtedly face many challenges and obstacles. However, they can take comfort in knowing that they have the support and prayers of their fellow Catholics in the Mzuzu Diocese and beyond.