Christ the King Formation Centre


Located within St. Patrick’s Seminary area, Christ the King Formation Centre also known as St. Patrick’s Propaedeutic Seminary, was built in 1989 to 1990, to assist the candidates to priesthood. It is the Centre that was established by the Diocese of Mzuzu. It forms students for one year before they join the Major Seminary. The first Director was Father Patrick McGiven (St. Patrick’s Missionaries) and the first intake was in 1990 with the following students: Raymond Kondowe, Daniel Kapyokolo Banda, John D. Munthali, Francis Simwaka, Bartholomew Nyirenda, Boniface Mvula, Bornaventure Zimba, and Daniel Phiri. Five of these got ordained in 1997.

Father Patrick was the Director from 1990 to 2000, he handed over to Father Dominic Sinya Longwe (DP). Father Longwe was Director from the year 2000 to 2017. In 2017, Father Longwe handed over to Fr. Yohane Suzgo Nyirenda (DP).
The main purpose is to assist the young men who want to become priests, to make a proper decision before they proceed to the Major Seminaries. The Centre admits students who qualify for the major seminaries and trains them for one year. The areas that are focused on include Human Development, Spiritual Development, English, Prayer, Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching, Catechesis, Psychology, Introduction to Computer, and Liturgy. There are also other activities that students are involved in e.g. Sports, Manual Work. Our daily program starts with Prayers from the Breviary and Holy Mass.


Christ the King Formation Centre has students from the two Dioceses of Mzuzu and Karonga. In the past it has had students from the Diocese of Zomba and Chipata Dioceses. Chipata Diocese is in Zambia and Zomba Diocese is in the Southern Region of Malawi. Every year the Centre has students who proceed to Kachebere Major Seminary for Philosophy. The number varies from year to year. This year, our enrolment was 16 and we are finishing with 11.


Christ the King Formation Centre has the following structures: One Classroom, Library, 2 offices, 2 hostels with a capacity of 30 students, a chapel, Dining and kitchen. The Centre has 2 small houses for cooks.


Christ the King has one resident formator by the name, Fr. Yohane S. Nyirenda from the Diocese of Mzuzu. Two priests come to assist in handling some lessons and Spiritual Direction namely, Father Austin Ndowera and Father Samuel Ng’oma. There are two cooks and one lady who works as matron and cashier.


Christ the King Formation has an orchard for mango fruits and small garden where we grow some maize and groundnuts. Our desire is to have a bigger farm where we can produce enough to feed our students. We also desire to develop a livestock project that would assist the Centre in food and income generating.


Christ the King gets its Financial support from two major sources; the two Dioceses of Mzuzu and Karonga contribute two third of the total annual budget, The Society of St. Peter the Apostle contributes one third of the total budget every year.


(A). Shortage of teaching and learning aids. We are in need of relevant books ranging from Spiritual, Social, Liturgical, and Doctrinal books.
(B). Lack of computers; we have no computer as of now, yet our plan is to equip the young men with relevant skills in computer before they take up their philosophical studies in the Major Seminary.
(C). House for the Matron; our matron is not accommodated at the institution because we do not have a house for her. Sometimes she knocks off late in the evening, making her life endangered as she walks 2 km going home.
(D). Lack of IGA. The school has no proper Income Generating Activity that would help it to be self-reliant.
(E). Limited funding.


Our wish is to reduce or to end the challenges listed above and others but it all boils down to lack of funds. We want to establish an Animal Production Project that would assist in food and financial resources. We are within the town of Rumphi and market is available for animals like pigs and poultry.