Pastoral Centre


The Diocesan Pastoral Training Centre was established as a Catechetical Centre in 1963, two years after the birth of the Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu. The Centre was originally built in Mzambazi, St. John’s Parish which is about 100 kilometres west of Mzuzu in Mzimba District. Though Mzambazi was nice place, due to a number of factors, like shortage of water and poor road network, the Centre was moved to a more accessible, Nkhata-Bay District in 1996. In Nkhata-Bay it occupied renovated premises which were used as Mother and Child Health Centre by Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) sisters.


The Diocesan Pastoral Training Centre is under the Local Ordinary of the Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu and it is run by the Board of Governors composed of Priests, Religious, Lay men and women. The Director/Trainer coordinates some training programmes organised by the Diocese in collaboration with the Local Ordinary, Parish Priests and their Parish Pastoral teams, all the heads of different commissions in the Diocese and their Board of Governors. The Director/Trainer is the only resident facilitator. However, many facilitators are asked to help in different areas according to their expertise.


The center offers the following activities: Accommodation: Up to 50 people can be accommodated at the Centre and this includes the Diocesan Cottage run by the Centre. The Centre has a Chapel where Mass is celebrated and Retreats are conducted. There are 4 conference halls of different sizes where meetings can be conducted. Catering: meals are also offered at a very affordable prices. Tuck-shop: the Centre runs a well fully stocked tuck shop where people can buy groceries, refreshments and many other things. Piggery and chickens: we also sale chickens and pork. Garden: We have a descent functioning garden for vegetables, fruits and legumes and we also sale them to people. Printing and photocopying are some of the facilities being offered at the Centre.


The Members of staff at the Centre comprise of:

  • Administration: the Director, Bursar and Cashier.
  • Accommodation: supervisor and two assistants.
  • Tuck-shop: Supervisor and Assistant.
  • Catering: 2 workers.
  • Landscaping: 5 workers
  • Garden: 2 workers
  • Security: 2 workers
  • Diocesan cottage: 1 worker.

We have a chapel where mass is celebrated and retreat are conducted. You are warmly invited to visit the Diocesan Pastoral Training Centre in Nkhata-Bay where you can enjoy the lake and hospitality.

The following are some of the Pastoral activities done this year: Refer to the table below:




05/01/2019 St Thomas Parish Pastoral Centre and Parish PPC Members Leadership in Church
22/01/2019 Pastoral Centre Pastoral Centre and Parish PPS and Heads of Institutions and Commisions Pastoral programmes
10 – 12/05/2019 St. Denis Parish Pastoral Centre and Northern Deanery 3 PPC members from from each Parish and 1 member representing each Wupu pa parish level Ulongozgi mu Eklezia
3- 30/06/2019 Pastoral Centre Pastoral Centre Student Catechists Ongoing formation
24 –30/06/2019 Pastoral Centre Pastoral Centre All catechists Retreat and Commissioning of new Catechists
6 – 8/09/2019 Pastoral Centre Pastoral Centre Central Deanery 3 PPC members from from each Parish and 1 member representing each Wupu pa parish level Ulongozgi mu Eklezia
4 – 6/10/2019 Nkhamenya Pastoral Centre and southern Deanery 3 PPC members from from each Parish and 1 member representing each Wupu pa parish level Ulongozgi mu Eklezia