Social Development Director


The Diocese, in its Strategic Planning Process, came up with three strategic pillars upon which all efforts are to be applied so that we realise the Diocese’s vision i.e. to build the Kingdom of God in Mzuzu Diocese and beyond. The three pillars are pictorially represented as follows: –

While people may think this is “just a beautiful picture”, this setup was deliberate i.e. the human and social development and the institutional development i.e. Finance, Investment and administration, are meant to wholly and wholeheartedly support the pastoral care & development pillar. (May be this will be a discussion of another).

In this article, I would like to highlight the role of the Social Development pillar. Under this focus area, the major provisions as espoused in the Strategic Plan are as follows: –

The strategic goal for the pillar is “to promote sustainable socioeconomic development among individuals, families and communities in the Diocese of Mzuzu”. To achieve this strategic goal, the pillar has five (5) strategic objectives as follows: –

  1. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all commissions in the diocese
  2. To improve Sustainable Livelihoods in the Diocese.
  3. To promote human rights, justice and peace including child and women protection in the communities the church serves.
  4. To improve the quality of health delivery services and accessibility in the Diocese
  5. To improve access to and quality of education at all levels in the Diocese

Under each strategic objective, there are several strategies and suggested activities that have to be undertaken to achieve the main goal of the pillar and also to contribute the bigger vision of the Diocese. (Again, this will be a discussion for another day).

All in all, the Directorate of Social Development comprises of a Director and four (4) heads of Commissions. The table below summarises the managers in the social development directorate.



Director Isaac Cheke Ziba Master of Science (MSc) in Social Development & Health (MSc. SDH) 2nd October 2017 Mob1: 0995233816

Mob 2: 0888433816

Phone: 01303244




Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) Mr. Arnold Msimuko
Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM) Mr. Wanagwa Msowoya Master of Science (MSc) in Entrepreneurship (Pending graduation) 1st March 2018 Mob1: 0995483293

Mob2: 0888435011

Phone: 01303097


Mzuzu Diocese Health Commission (MCHC) Mr. George Matope Master of Public Health (MPH) 4th March 2014 Mob1: 0995290590

Mob2: 0881377166


Diocese of Mzuzu Education Commission (DOMEC) VACANT


As a Social Development Directorate we are committed to making sure that we play our role rightly in achieving the aspirations of the Diocesan Strategic Plan. We hope and pray that the Good Lord will continue to bless our efforts for the greater glory of his name.