St. Bernadette Parish

MASSES Daily Masses: 06:00 am in the parish church. All masses in Tumbuka language
Sunday Masses: 06:30 am Mass in English
08:00 am Mass for children in Tumbuka
10:00 AM Mass in Tumbuka
The other two outstations have no daily masses. But have 08:00 Mass in
Tumbuka for children and 10:00 Mass in Tumbuka once a fortnight.  
Pastoral Workers Parish Priest: Fr. Edmond Nyoka
Assistant Parish Priest: Mons. Andrew Aubrey Chunda-Vicar General of Mzuzu Diocese
Catechist: Anthony Nyirenda
Vice Parish Pastoral Council chairperson: Frank Mwenelupembe
Vice Finance Committee Chairperson: Noel Chitha MSOWOYA
Number of Outstations 3
Employees (4) 1 Accounts Clerk and 3 Security Guards
Total number of parishioners 4,547
Number of Christians 4,410
Number of catechumens 137
Age Division: 1-12 years-1,460
13-25 years-1,157
26-40 years-1,043
41 years above-750.
OUR PRIDE AND STRENGTH We take pride in lively and prayerful liturgies, unity and generosity of our Christians.
Parish History Created by Bishop John Alphonsus Ryan on April 16, 2017 from St. Peters Parish

With the generosity of the St. Bernadette Christians, support from the diocese, support from St. Patrick’s Missionary Society and some friends on social media (twitter), the parish is completing construction of the priests’ house. It has four bedrooms, visitors’ parlor, kitchen, laundry, vehicle parking space, and a common room. The house has been built to save space. Much of the work has been funded by the Christians themselves and St. Patrick’s missionary society. It is good to note that most of the Christians in this parish are poor but united, so they are able to achieve big things.

With support from the diocese and funding from St. Bernadette Christians, the parish has also constructed a hall annexed to the church, and has built confession rooms by modifying the church building.


We will soon start construction of the children’s hall with funding from the Pontifical Missionary Society. This will be a semi hall for Sunday school lessons.


The Young Christian Workers are constructing a summer hut for their meetings. This is a gift to the parish as many groups will also be using it. We thank God for their generosity and love of their parish.

We have the following areas where we need support:
Furnishing the priests’ house. As of now it is empty. Kitchen and dining utensils, all room furniture, laundry equipment, TV set and others.

We also have these needs and plans: buying more land, construction of catechist house and proper restrooms

Main challenge is limited space. We plan to secure more land for the parish. For now we have run out of land for construction. We need land to build the catechist house and proper restrooms.