St. Cecilia Parish

St. Cecilia Parish was opened on 15th April 2017 (Easter Vigil), the parish has 22 main Church-centres and 42 sub-Church centres. For smooth administrative purposes is divided into 6 zones. The parish has a population of over 15,000 Catholics. Each zone is headed by a catechist who as a team they form part of the parish pastoral team. The parish stretches over a radius of 50 kilometers.

The parish was created from St. Johns parish (Mzambazi). It was opened to lessen the distance from the last Christian community to the parish. This has eased mobility of the Christians to meet their pastors and also the pastors to serve the Christians.


St. Cecelia parish has two main tribes, Ngoni and Tumbuka tribes.

St. Cecelia parish is a rural parish. All roads in this parish are dirt. Most of the people are subsistent farmers that produce enough only for the survival of their families. Few people are working in health centers and schools. The parish main sources of income are tithe, Sunday collection and donations from people of good will. The annual income of St Cecelia parish is 6 million Malawi kwacha an equivalent of Euro 6,711.04 at exchange rate of Euro 1=MK894. With this low income, running of the parish is very difficult.


Positively, the creation of the parish has demonstrated that it has been really a welcome development to the people in the new parish. The faith of the people is strong and their dedication is encouraging. The service of the priests to the Christians has increased and the people receive sacraments more often than before.