St. Padre Pio Parish

Fr. John Kolenchery came to the Diocese on 2nd April 2002 and stayed at Saint Peter’s Cathedral Community, while there he visited all the parishes in search for a site to establish a mission for the Capuchins. And later after making a thorough survey, he discussed with the College of the Bishop to begin a Mission at Lusangadzi and was later given a go ahead. Saint Padre Pio was officially opened on 4th July 2004, by late Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza. He appointed Father John Kolenchery as the first Parish Priest of the Parish. After six years of service, Fr. Sijo Pynadath was appointed as the second Parish Priest on 27th March 2010, he served as parish priest for seven years and four months. Later, in 2017 on 11th September Fr. Sojan Paul was appointed Parish Priest and he is still in- charge.

TIME FOR MASSES: Week Day: 0615 AM

                                 Sundays: 0730 & 0810 am

PRIESTS: 1. Fr. Sojan Paul

2. Fr. Laiju Kilukkan

3. Fr. Francis Nyirenda

4. Fr. Cherian

SISTERS: 1. Sr. Clara

2. Sr. Francina

  3. Sr. Vincy

4. Sr. Treesa

Number of Catechists: Three

Number of Zones: Three

Number of Outstations: 11

Number of Substations: 11

Number of Small Christian Communities: 64

Number of Christians: 4763

Number of Catechumens: 85